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Reichenbach Theories – BBC Sherlock

22 May

Nothing gets me more worked up and depressed than “The Reichenbach Fall.” Out of everything that happened in the first two series of Sherlock, the last episode was the most awe inspiring and kept everyone watching guessing.

The most amazing part was when Sherlock apparently committed suicide by jumping of the roof of Barts.

See Sherlock jump!

See John look!

See Sherlock fall.

Sad Sherlock…

These images still upset me. I can’t watch this episode of Sherlock without sobbing hysterically on the floor when we see John’s face.

There are hundreds of Reichenbach theories on the Interwebs for how Sherlock survived the fall. Some of my favorites are The Doctor saving Sherlock by opening the TARDIS like the time River Song jumped off the Empire State Building into the swimming pool.

If you don’t watch Doctor Who, that made no sense.

Other funny theories:

My theory is that Sherlock knew how to fall and not be seriously injured. He didn’t hit his head, neck, or Spink directly on the pavement. The impact was on his arm and side, so he wouldn’t be too badly hurt. The bystanders on the street with John were his homeless network that was mentioned in a previous episode. They had fake blood to make him look dead; they also kept John from being able to see Sherlock too carefully. Sherlock used the ball he was playing with earlier in the episode to block the pulse in his arm. The H.N. got Sherlock away while a dead body (supplied by Molly) was wheeled away on a stretcher. Molly then pulled a few strings in the morgue to get Sherly a death certificate and Mycroft tied up any loose ends and made him be able to come back safely when the time was right.

And that’s my theory! It’s a bit of a bunch I’ve seen on tumblr and other places. I like it. We can expect series 3 in January so we’ll know who’s right then!

That’s enough for today, eh?

ลาก่อน (lā k̀xn) (Thai)

My Fandoms and Friends and My Five Day Writing Catastrophe

17 May

‘Lo there virtual reader!

I let Claire (previously mentioned) read this blog. I accidentally destroyed my Batman graph 4 times. I’ve spent three days trying to make a program of it. If you can help me, please contact me via the About Me page.

At the beginning of the school year, I wrote a message on the wall of the freshman hallway above an extra desk. [Funny story about that desk: instead of being normal students and using our school issued locker, Claire and I keep our books and binders on the desk for easy access and such (our absolute laziness.) One day, we came into school, AND ALL OUR THINGS WERE GONE! I freaked out a little until I realized they were probably in the lost and found. They were. Claire and I had to carry all of our belongings from the lost and found back to our lockers. And you’d think we’d put our things in our lockers, but no. They are back on the desk where they shall remain. Forever.]

Okay, Sherlock message looks like this one.

Except I have worse handwriting and it was written in smudges of dried black nail polish. It’s been there for months so I don’t really think about it anymore.

UNTIL TODAY! Today, my friend Hannah who is a grade above me had to make up a test at the special desk right under it.

I admit I may be the reason she failed the essay portion of her test because her mind was wandering to Sherlockian thoughts. Although, I may be the reason she got full marks because HELLO it’s SHERLOCK HOLMES.

I saw her after school and she told me about her discovery. I laughed and hugged her (and gripped her tight and pulled her from perdition.)

(I’m Cas because I’m an angel ;). Dean is Hannah because she’s hot. Sam is Claire because she’s tallest.)

Okay, now I’m just babbling. Hannah is fabulous. I love her. Seriously, she’s the bomb dot net.

I drank too much caffeine for the amount of food I’ve eaten today. My tummy hurts and I can’t sit still. I jump every time  someone walks into the room. My thought process is along the lines of “Meeeeeehhhhhhhhhllllluuuurrrrppppp….*crash*.”

I seriously need to buckle down and write the play. I’ve written a sentence in three weeks. That’s not good. School is about to get very stressful and hectic with finals and the end of the year approaching.

I want to talk about the Doctor Who finale but I know a lot of people who haven’t watched it yet and I don’t want to spoil it. For those of you who HAVE seen it… OH MY GOD CAN YOU BELIEVE CLARA DOCTOR RIVER AHHHH I LOVE YOU!!!!

I’m on Day Fiveof trying to finish this post. It’s ridiculous. I seriously can’t write anything. So frustrating.

I’m just going to end this before my head explodes.

זייַ געזונט (Zyya gʻzwnt) [Yiddish for goodbye]

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