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Doctor Who – A Message For Us All

15 May

I’m a proud Whovian. For those of you who aren’t total geeks, a Whovian is a person who is a fan of the British television show Doctor Who. The 50th anniversary for the show is in late November and I truthfully could not be more psyched out of my mind.

A brief synopsis: A time traveling man flys about the universe in his policebox shaped time machine called a TARDIS. The Doctor usually has one or more human companions travelling with him. He saves planets and runs a lot.

My favorite Doctor is the tenth regeneration. The Doctor, instead of dying, can change into a new body. He has done this 11 times so far. The tenth was played by David Tennant. This is him:


He didn’t have the beard when he played the Doctor, but he’s still super cute.




Yay……. Where was I?

Oh yeah! Doctor Who. Okay so I rewatched Ten’s seasons over the past couple days. It’s truly heartbreaking. If you’ve never seen the show, do it now. Start from the reboot with the 9th Doctor. It’s on Netflix. Go now. You’ve watched? Good. So there is a huge character change from Ten to Eleven. At the end of his life, Ten was depressed and quite and amazing. He killed the Time Lords during the Time War then AGAIN. It’s such a fall from a high. For a little bit, he had all his friends and Rose back, theb they all have to leave. Then, he’s told he has to DIE! The Master comes back and stirs things up with his insanity. But, was the Master really insane? NOPE! The bloody Time Lords did it again. Rassilion brings all the war crazed Time Lords out of the Time Lock with the drum beat in the Masters head that caused his insanity to try and destroy time. The destruction was why the Doctor ‘killed’ them the first time. He has beat himself over it over and over and now on the brink of his death, he has to do it again. I mean WHAT THE HELL?! Seriously, that’s the cruelest thing I could imagine. He almost survives too, but he still dies. He’s killed by the radiation from the Master’s reactor after Wilf locks himself inside. Before he regenerates, 10 visits all his former companions forgone last goodbye. He then regenerates, and the world cries. The end… But it’s not! Because this is Doctor Who! Eleven becomes the Doctor. Matt Smith:


If Nine is a tiger, Ten is tigger, that Eleven is a clumsy house cat that falls off the furniture and tries to make it look like he did it on purpose. But I believe his goofiness is just a facade. In his first episode, Eleven meets a scared Little Girl called Amelia Pond. He’s goofy and weird, bit we can still see the pain behind his eyes. As Eleven grows into himself in that first episode, he solidifies that mask into what he is today. He’s scarred and traumatized, but doesn’t want to show it. If he wasn’t this goofy thing, the Doctor would hang himself. He’s killed his race twice, all his friends are gone, and he hates himself. He latches onto Amy and she becomes his family. The Doctor, who when her was Ten, was terrified of getting a mortgage and living in a house, goes to visit the Ponds because he misses them. AND THEN he loses them too! I mean really, if I was the Doctor, I’d fly the TARDIS into the sun and jump out. He lost his first Time Lady wife to the Time War, lost Rose to his meta crisis self in a parallel universe, and is married to River who he knows dies in the library! (If you haven’t watched the show, this makes no sense. Sorry… I’m so so sorry.) The nan has lost everything twice or thrice over. He is dangerous to himself and others and he knows it, so he balances it out with the silky hats and bow ties.

To the people that complain this Doctor is a joke, just remember what he’s been through. Look at this man, and see his pain, his loss, and his sorrow. This man is a miracle that he’s not killed himself.

This Saturday, the seventh series finale airs. It’s calle The Name of the Doctor. I’m so scared for this episode, because it sounds so final. The question that the show Doctor Who is built on is going to be answered?! What is this? I can’t. I can’t bare to see him suffer any more.

This show is more than just quirky British telly. It’s an example of how to live your life. It shoes that peopke are capable of anything. That life isn’t always easy and there are no simple answer, but you keep buggering on!

If this is the end of the Doctor, I don’t know what I’ll do.

Doctor, keep on fighting. If yoire somewhere out there in one of those parallel worlds that Strong Theory has made, but this post on your psychic paper and keep going. It’s worth it. It’s worth it to keep living because anyone is capable of anything. Humans, Time Lords, orangutans, gold fish, whatever! Follow your dreams, and it’s never your time to go.



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