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A Childhood Dream, An Exciting Announcement, and Some News

13 May

When I was a little Rosey, I wanted to be a Disney Princess.

Who am I kidding? I still want to be a Princess!

I have been to Disney World twice. The first time, I was three or four years old. It was truly spectacular. I dragged my parents around everywhere and made them stand in line for hours for rides that lasted thirty seconds. I practically lived in Minnie Mouse’s house and accidentally set fire to whatever they have baking in her oven many, many times.  That little bit still has me traumatized. I refuse to bake without some form of supervision. My first go, my favorite ride was The Haunted Mansion. Yes, adorable little curly-haired baby-Rosey went on the scary ride some 40 times that trip. My parents knew the ride so well that they supplemented it with their own scary voices and shouts. Most memorably, when the large group all stand in the room and the floor goes down or whatever, my kind and gentle father screamed at the top of his lungs, traumatizing everyone on the ride (including the parents.)

The second time my parents and I went down, we went with our friends. The family has twins girls who are my age. Being the sophisticated five or six ear old that I was, I adored the company whilst we roamed the park. Again, I spent the majority of my park time in the Minnie Mouse house, but this time, I was older. I’d been exposed to the world. I knew the Princesses.

I dragged my poor parents all over the park to track down Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping beauty. I trailed after Belle in a dream-like trance. I danced after Jasmine and Aladdin like a monkey.  My little friends were more than happy to join me. We all went to the Breakfast with the Princesses one morning before the park opened to the public. I don’t think I ate a things. Who could, really? I was in a room surrounded by celebrities. Even my friends’ dad was amazed (by Tinkerbelle’s short skirt.) I got to have a one-on-one with my heroes! I told the fairy Godmother my hearts desire. My mother wished for no wrinkles and to lose twenty pounds. The Fairy Godmother told her that if she could do that, would she really be here? Only now do I understand that.

But what I enjoyed the most, more than every character and ride, was the Small World Ride. I had to have gone on that ride at least one hundred times. My parents begged to go on any other ride, but I insisted.

That was the last time I went to Florida…


That’s right! This upcoming October, I’m going to Universal Orlando Studios to experience


Cue angelic music and the gates to heaven opening.

My mum and I are probably the biggest Harry Potter Geeks ever. In my family, we have a yearly Potterhead Trivia Contest. You are reading the blog post of the three year reigning champion. We have never been, but have wanted to since it opened. This is truly a dream come true. My wonderful, amazing, best big brother ever got me and my mum the tickets. October really can’t come soon enough.

On a much, much, much sadder note, Mac passed away on Saturday night. My school is mourning. Keep him and his family in your thoughts or prayers.


I don’t have the video from it, but I heard it was awesome!

Here’s a bit about her from youtube: http://youtu.be/k8kyyyDI1qY

Jennie’s so cool. Yay, Jennie!

Writing Update: Nothing to say. Shame on me.

Zàijiàn 再見

Welcome to My Blog!

7 May

Hello there, lovely reader! My name is Rosey and this is my blog.

Wow, this is actually quite difficult.

I am an aspiring writer and maybe a speech pathologist. Or a surgeon. Or an ambassador. I really don’t know anymore. More about me: I’m American, between the ages of 10 and 100, and have hair, a face, and feet. I am a member of many fandoms including Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, and Supernatural. I use the Oxford comma and a PC.

I’m writing this blog while writing a theatrical adaption of Lord of the Flies with an all-girl, low budget cast. At this time, I’m on act one, scene three, and keep drifting away from it. In three days, I’ve written two pages. This blog is to keep me motivated to write more. The play needs to be finished during the summer so it can be performed next school year.

That chick Kelsi from High School Musical made this look so easy.

Image <– This is not me. (Kelsi from HSM)

J.K. Rowling is also not me. –> 

<– Janet Devlin kind of looks like me.

Okay, enough pictures. I should keep writing the play.

Rosey is signing off!

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