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Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, and Percieving

28 Jan

Since my last post about life as an INFP got so many views, let’s do it again!

INFPs are the healers of the MBTI. We’re the idealists and daydreamers.

We are the J.K. Rowlings, the John Lennons, and the Vincent Van Goghs.


And then



But then we say to each other

“Because you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one,” – John Lennon Imagine 

Life as an INFP can be hard when we come down out of our clouds and into the world where we have to deal with other people.

We don’t understand other people and they don’t usually understand us. But honestly,

And even though

We are the 4%

And we

And (The most accurate awkward penguin meme I’ve ever seen!)

The world may seem like a cruel place to us. The people are loud and noisy and don’t understand.

But we are awesome, guys. We really are.

Because look at who some of us are:

  1. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  2. George Orwell
  3. J.R.R. Tolkien
  4. C.S. Lewis
  5. Virginia Woolf
  6. Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  7. A. A. Milne
  8. Bill Watterson

  9. J.K. Rowling
  10. Edgar Allen Poe
  11. John Milton
  12. William Blake
  13. Franz Kafka
  14. Vincent Van Gogh
  15. Hans Christian Andersen
  17. Homer
  18. John Lennon
  19. Kurt Cobain
  20. Tim Burton
  21. Johnny Depp
  22. Heath Ledger
  23. Nicolas Cage
  24. Florence Welch
  25. Bjork
  26. Tori Amos
  27. Thom Yorke
  28. David Simon
  29. Andy Warhol
  30. Jude Law
  31. Mary Kate Olsen
  32. Andrew Garfield

And so many more!

So as long as we stay away from

We will be just fine.

Here are some tips from a non-INFP for dealing with other people.

I’ll finish with this with a meme courtesy of Google Images.

Auf Wiedersehen

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