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Vitamin Deficiency, Sad Things, and Benedict Cumberbatch

8 May

Today I am depressed. I’m pretty sure I failed a pop Algebra quiz on probability.

Is it my fault I’m not familiar with playing cards? No. I don’t know how to gamble. Shouldn’t that be a good thing?

I also am dying from a Vitamin deficiency. My hands are killing me, my head feels like its being stabbed with a rusty blade, and my bones are imploding. I’ve been out of vitamins for three days and I feel like death. Seriously, what did I do to deserve this torture?

Another super depressing thing: My Theology teacher’s grandson in in hospice after years of battling cancer. He is very young and it is very sad for all of us. A link to his mother’s blog: http://supermacconnor.blogspot.com/

In funner news, Benedict Cumberbatch is the most amazing person on the planet. For the last few years he has been my favorite person on the planet. If you live under a rock, this is him:

He’s fabulous, right? He plays the title role in BBC Sherlock and is John Harrison in the new Star Trek movie. His voice is like a jaguar hiding in a cello and is possibly even more socially awkward than I am.

Oh… Benedict…


Anyway, today has been rough. School is out in a little over a month which brings me some joy.

Update: 3:52 pm

It is now raining. But it’s in the seventies. This weather is awful. I seriously want to puke. Alaska must be beautiful this time of year.

I’m going to tell you a story.

Once upon a time…
My life was not full of the funny beautiful references and jokes that brighten up my day well.

There was also a time where I wasn’t on Pinterest.

In history we were talking about the Puritans and I remembered this picture:



I laughed and laughed in my head.

Whenever I think of this pin,


I laugh because King Henry was a crazy man with a decaying and infected leg.

Well… Enough chatter for now!

¬°Adios amigos!

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