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How to Deal With Stupid People

24 May

Everyone is stupid.

SO, if you’re like me, you know many, many, MANY stupid people.

There are many different types of stupidity.

There are those people who aren’t as educated as you would like.

You should pity these people. Sometimes, people just don’t have the IQ to be educated or haven’t been given the same educational opportunities as you have had. On the other hand, they could just be lazy. One can try to teach these poor idiots and get them up to one’s intellectual level. However, if you really can’t deal with them, just walk away. Just walk away and don’t let them ring your IQ down.

Anderson is the perfect example of educational stupidity. He holds a steady job, is married, has a mistress, but is so stupid and irritates the smart people. But, don’t act like Sherlock. Sherlock is mean and you do not possess his IQ, so it wouldn’t be justified.

The next type of stupid people are the socially awkward ones.

I don’t not hesitate to say I’m part of this group…

Most socially awkward people are just introverted with low self confidence. I will let this picture teach you haw to care for your introvert.

The last type of stupid I’m going to cover is…


Parents and their children always think that the other is being stupid or irrational. They each get on each other’s nerves and makes for one unpleasant car ride home.

Here are the 5 Signs of Parental Alienation

If these are the problems in your relationship, then you should probably get some professional counseling or work together to get through your problems. If the problem isn’t this bad, talking usually can get it resolved.

Or you can be like my family or just not speak to the other until one person gives in and accepts defeat.


You can choose your friends. You can choose your clothes. But you can’t choose your family.

Unless you live in a television show.


Have fun with your stupid people!

One final PSA:


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