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INFP, Shakespeare, and My Issues with Human Anatomy

15 May

If I had to pick the one thing or study I enjoy the most, I’d have to say it’s Psychology.

When it comes to Psychology, you can’t hide. You can try, but you really can’t. It just shows more about your character and personality. I’ve taken hundreds of personality assessment quizzes and read about a dozen of psych books.

My favorite personality indicator is the Meyers Briggs. I’ve taken the test hundreds of times and made my friends and family do it too. I’m a steady INFP and proud of it! Well… Maybe not of my nonexistent people skills!




If you want to take my favorite version of the test, go here.

One of my new favorite hobbies is to challenge my friend Claire (mentioned in a previous post) to Shakespearean duels throughout the day.

“I bite my thumb at you sir!”
“Rosey. Stop.”
“Dost thou disrespect the house of Mulvey?”
“Dost thou disrespecteth my house? Draw thy sword.”
“Draw. Thy. Sword.”
“Oh my GOD. You’re so annoying.”
“Thine words be meretricious. You reveal thy cowardice by refusing my duel. You’ve left the gauntlet on the floor with thine honor.”
“Go away.”
“I ain’t even bovvered. Lookers at my face. Not bovvered.”

And on it goes. At some point, one of us gives in or gets bored. Once I get a bit more practice, I’ll start speaking in iambic pentameter. That’d ought to be interesting.

On a completely different topic…

I’m actually really bothered by the liver. Human livers are weird to me. They don’t look like the other organs. Proper organs are red and firm and strong. Livers are like goo. They flop around and are a weird color. It’s like a beef cutlet inside your abdomen.
WARNING: Picture of a human liver follows.

It seems different to me than the other organs. I know it’s important and stuff for living and has a wide range of functions, including detoxification, protein synthesis, and production of biochemicals necessary for digestion (thanks Wikipedia!). Blech. No.

That’s about it for today! Well… yesterday but… whatever. I’ll try to post something else today.

до свидания do svidaniya
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