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A Dream about John Green (and pirate rats)

22 Jan

So in the dream I was in a play about pirates.

It was a really bad play and the director was awful…

But the director was JOHN GREEN.

Yeah, TFiOS John Green.

And he SUCKED at directing.

So I was like, “Dude, have you ever directed a play before?”

And he’s like, “No, I write books and make YouTube videos.”

Me: “Do you need some help, man?”

John: “Yes, please. Thank you.”

Me: “I don’t know if I should. You killed [Spoiler censor]

John: I’m sorry! I had to!

Me: I suppose I can’t be too mad. Veronica Roth killed [Spoiler censor]

John: Did you just finish Allegiant? I’m so sorry.

Me: I know… I know…

And then we kind of just nodded at each other and some rats in pirate costumes were sword fighting.

John: This wasn’t my best idea.

Me: No, it was MINE!

And then I figured out it was all a dream. And I woke up.

No wonder I get migraines.

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